Last week on August 22nd, I had the privilege of attending a talk at in5 Innovation center ( At the talk hosted by TieDubai (, Brian Frankel, CEO & Co-Founder of Wasta Tickets ( kept the small crowd that had gathered on their toes with his interactive and engaging content.

Brian, who is based in Los Angeles has previously created MentorMatchmaker (  and also provides marketing services for organizations across the world. In this session, he gave the attendees a glimpse of what it takes to market on the world wide web.

You can also get free resources from his website

TieDubai in5 Brian Frankel event 1


Focusing his talk specifically on an organization’s ability to generate leads, Brian walked through several of the basic concepts of creating sales funnels, search engine marketing, email marketing & managing KPIs among other things. There was even an interactive exercise where the audiences were divided into teams to come up with an ad from amongst a couple of topics. The enthusiasm of the crowd was definitely encouraging and I could clearly see that everyone was learning as well as having a great time.

Exercise at in5 event Brian Frankel


A great discussion ensued when the topic turned to email marketing. There were several in the audience who questioned the purpose and effectiveness of emails as a marketing tool. The good part of the entire session was the audience engagement with everyone chiming in.

Brian’s theory was quite simple – send the user quality content and sooner or later when it is relevant to him/her, they will get back. The only way to truly know that you are not making any difference in your audience’s life is when you get a majority of them unsubscribing to your emails. For example, Emirates Airlines, well known in this region sends many messages throughout the year but only when we are looking to go somewhere do any of those messages make any sense.

email marketing brian frankel in5 tiedubai


When the topic turned to the importance of a landing page as a source of converting users sent through ads, the explanation was clearly provided by Brian along with below schematic.

landing page conversion


Brian then talked about the key performance indicators which make all the above work meaningful. Usually, Customer lifetime value and cost per acquisition are the two fundamental indicators which are used to make sense of any campaign that is launched. The idea is to keep the cost per acquisition lower than the customer lifetime value to have done a successful marketing campaign.

He concluded by talking about the Tofu, Mofu and BoFu concepts in Sales Funnels which stand for the Top of the Funnel, Middle of the Funnel & Bottom of the Funnel. More information on these can be found ( &

All in all it was a great evening organized by TieDubai & supported by in5. Look forward to many such events in the future – to learn and to enjoy.

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